Community Groups

Let's do life together

To BE THE CHURCH, we need to do life with each other by loving and caring for one another. Yes, we gather on Sundays, but the real ministry happens every day of the week. …as we walk, work, and rest together, we mentor, disciple, and evangelize.  We share His love with people in our homes, our neighborhoods, the grocery store, the gym, at work and in school.

We are facing difficult times in this season.  We are past the time of making it on our own.  As we pull together, we are trained, equipped, and prepared.  We mature as a team, in relationship with God and in relationship with other believers; we strengthen one another to stand strong amidst the struggle.  This is why we have community groups.

Our small groups meet every other week, and are based on semesters, providing start and stop dates. Our desire is to leave time for family, and to make time for fellowship and sharing meals with one another, so we sincerely try not to have too many meetings in one week. If it is a time where we are hosting Men’s and Women’s Bible studies, we alternate weeks.
Some Examples of our small group might look like:
– Women’s groups
– Men’s groups
– Youth group
– Young Adult groups
– Family groups
– Bible Study groups
– Mentoring
-Training sessions

“So continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart.”
Acts 2:46