Benite Jeune

R.I.S.E. Haiti

Benite Jeune was born and raised in Haiti. Influenced by his parents, Reverend and Mrs Dante’s Jeune, he fulfilled his desire to go to Bible College in Canada and in the USA. While in college, he received the vision to help bring spiritual, social, and economic change to the Haitian people. Currently Benite is getting a master in project management and operates with his wife Michaelle R.I.S.E Haiti in Vignier, National Rd #1, Km 43, Arcahaie, Haiti.

The vision of R.I.S.E Haiti is to train young people to become leaders, to possess hope and take responsibility for bringing positive social, economic, and spiritual change in the country of Haiti. Pastor Benite Jeune has tremendous vision to make this dream a reality. His plans includes: a school of over 840 children with a kindergarten, primary and secondary section. He operates a feeding program where about 900 people  are fed 5 days a week, 2  orphanages with 19 and 10 children each with the intention to bring 40 to 50 more children as more buildings are built. Benite pastors a church in Haiti and is the national coordinator for a network of over 150 churches in Haiti. He organizes pastors’s conferences all over Haiti and once a year, he brings 400 to 500 pastors together for a big leader’s conference. He also organizes regional conference for leaders, youth conventions, etc. Benite has plan to build a youth center  where young people from Haiti, Canada, the US and so on, would come together  to interact and be trained with a kingdom mindset in money and time management, environment, politics, value system, service etc. During the 2010 earthquake, God spared his life miraculously where he was able to scape in a 13 inch whole between the beam ceiling  and the floor of the building and jumped 20 feet down while students that were sitting behind him and the professor in front of him died. Again in October 2016, he was gun shot after a bank transaction. He is a miracle with the bullet lodging 1/4 inch to his aorta . He still lives with the bullet inside and believes that He is a living miracle. He believes that he has so much more to do to help further God’s kingdom and humanity. Since life goes at the speed of friendship, may this opportunity with more people open many more doors so that more lives can continue to be transformed.