As the church, we represent Christ to the community.

We don’t just go to church, we ARE the church! Christ first reached out for us.  As an old song says, “He gave when there was just no more to give.”  He died on an old rugged cross that we might live and BE THE CHURCH.  So we reach out, as He opens doors for us to share His great love.  Therefore, the “WIN” for us is not how many people come to church, but rather how many people and resources we SEND out from the church. We want to be a blessing to our local community, the surrounding city, and around the world. We want to reach out and give His love, His mercy, His comfort, and His grace to as many as we can touch.


Assisted Living Center Ministry

Our Mission is to restore meaningful life relationships, confidence, and trust to seniors who have moved, or been moved, from their families, friends, churches and communities, and to bring to the inn where they live, spiritual life and soul care connections.  Genuine relationship is the core of our Vision. In spite of the luxury of the facility, the scheduled activities, dining rooms, and libraries, isolation and loneliness are on the rise in senior independent and assisted living facilities.

We see the residents of Assisted Living Centers as an unreached/unchurched people group, and want to reach them with the love of Christ.

Sue Brown, is an ordained minister, and serves as our chaplain and leader of this incredible ministry. She leads teams from Waterside to serve the residents at local Assisted Living Centers on a weekly basis.

Life on the Rock- Prison Ministry

Charles and Nikki Fisher serve as the Prison Ministry Directors at Waterside Church.  They married in July of 2012, and Charles became an ordained minister in November of 2014.  This ministry was birthed by a calling God placed on their lives to go into the darkest places to spread the light of the gospel. Matthew 5:16

Charles is the DFW Regional Coordinator for a Restorative Justice Ministry called Bridges To Life. He and Nikki have volunteered for several prison ministries including, Bill Glass, Prison Fellowship, KAIROS, Mercy Heart, Deep in the Word, I Am Redeemed, and many others. Charles serves as a CVCA within the TDCJ System on several units. He also, serves as a pastor in the Faith Based Dorms both on Coffield, and the Estes Units.

The prison ministry is fulfilling a part of the Waterside vision in seeing prisoners spiritually set free.



Kingdom Global Ministries

Waterside Church supports and is under the apostolic leadership of Kingdom Global Ministries, led by Larry and Devi Titus.

Kingdom Global Ministries

Ruel Foundation

Waterside Church has partnered with the Ruel Foundation. Ruel’s mission is to bring the love of Christ to some of the most impoverished children in the world, bringing them health, healing and improved quality of life. Ruel Foundation (RF) does this by seeking out overlooked children with treatable medical conditions and physical deformities. RF provides them, and their families, with free surgeries, medical care, education and the life saving message of Christ. With RF’s help, children are taken from lives of poverty and rejection and transformed into valued, loved and accepted members of society. www.ruelfoundation.com


But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, to show that this surpassing power is from God and not from us.  —   II Corinthians 4:6-7